As Corona has pushed us to online classes, we have discovered aspects of this, which deserves to be shared.

To begin with, this is not a classroom experience where we see and talk to each other, where we can see the body langauge of each other, and where the teacher can go to each of the students and examine what they are doing.

Online classes, need special efforts for everyone, from the teacher as well as from the students. At the same time this offers the advantage of being at one's own place and join from far.

First of all, online classes need to have a smaller group as it is more energy consuming for a teacher, as compared to a classroom program. For this reason, while we at Centre Zenith go for upto 15 students in a classroom program, are limiting this to a max of 9 students in our online programs.

Secondly, what we understood during the brainstorming sessions among our team members, that keeping the video ON for a student is a very important part of attending the online programs. As the feeling of inclusiveness decreases.

If the teacher does not see a student, she feels to be less connected to that individual. She needs to put much more energy to communicate with the student if he/she is not visible. Hence, keeping the video ON becomes a necessary part of attending an online program.

The other part is, if there is a doubt in the mind of a student, he/she should not hesitate to ask. We do not ask too many questions if we do not need but at the same time we should also ask questions that are necessary. That nurtures the student - teacher connection, which is difficult during an online program, contrary to a classroom program.

It is also important to exchange greetings when a class starts, along students and teachers, and tell bye when a class is over. This is a very important social custom in France.

That's it for now ! Happy learning :)