Diploma in French language for higher studies, or DiFLHiS, is a special program designed by the administrative team of Centre Zenith as a foundation course to help students from the non French speaking countries to learn the French language till the B2 (fluent) level, and then to initiate them to the French University system in order make their University life smoother.




CONCIOUS DECISION: To begin with, this program will help a foreign student to come to France, understand the life and society here over a period of one year, so that they can take a concious decision on which stream of higher education best suits their professional ambition. 


SOCIO-PROFESSIONAL ADVANTAGES: Secondly, mastering the French language will help students to get into the social life in France more smoothly, to manage a part time job much more easily, and to position themselves way above other non French speaking international students during their search for an internship. Again, after their studies when students will look for a job, chances of a student with a DiFLHiS will be way above other international students from non French speaking nations as our students will be capable to better integrate socially within a company and hence will fare better during a job interview.


REDUCE COSTS: Thirdly, this will drastically reduce cost of study in France for students from non French speaking countries. As of now, the only way to study in France is to get into the MBA colleges, where fees often start from 15,000 euros a year and goes beyond 40,000 euros. With the DiFLHiS, you will pay 6,000 euros for the first year and then can get into a University degree where annual fees can be as little as 300 euros a year.





It is a 615 hours program, and will be conducted over 44 weeks, from October 2021. You will study for 15 hours a week, from Monday to Friday and 3 hours a day. There will be two holidays. 2 weeks during the Christmass and New year, and 1 week during the ascension. There will be 12 to 16 students in a class.


Being on time and regular in the class will be important. Besides the DiFLHiS certificate you will also get a DELF B2 certificate by year end after successfully passing the examination.




To enroll to this program, you can register through our enrolment form. After going through your application, we may (or may not) contact you for an interview. In either case, if your file is approved, you can then go for the down payment of our tution fees.


VISA APPLICATION: Once you have received our Attestation d'inscription, you can apply for your visa, if you need a student visa to come to France.