In Centre Zenith, we understand that disabled people need special care and adaptation, and do our best to adapt ourselves to the special needs of various kinds of disabled people.

Sourav has been training himself on this, with the help of AGEFIPH and other strategic partners, and we are growing better every passing day, to better answer to the needs of disabled people at our centre.

People with disability, of any form, are requested to connect to Sourav through telephone or whatsapp to 07 78 64 53 16, explaining their specific situation. We will see if this is in our capacity to adapt us to your situation, and whether we can adjust to accommodate you among our students.

The centre

Our centre is in the 4th floor of a building, which does not have any staircase or elevation while getting inside, and hence easily accessible by wheelchair. 

The lift

Our lift is 120 cms in width and 190 cms in depth. Thus a wheel chair will get in comfortably.

Hybrid classes

As we offer hybrid classes, you can also attend our program by being in the comfort of your place. In such a case, you can adapt and zoom your screen to make it suitable for you, if you have vision deficiency.

For DELF - DALF examinations

You need to get a medical certificate detailing your special requirements for the examination and give it to us at least 2 and a half months before the date of your examination. We will check with our partner examination centre about how to adapt the place of examination to your specific needs and will come back to you.

Possible adaptations during the examination :

  • You can get an extended amount of time
  • You can be alone in a room with a proper surveillance
  • Someone can help you to read or write during the examination
  • You can get technical help, like getting an earphone / headset, or exam paper with larger texts, or clear it with braille.