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Cecilia Lopez


Cecilia Lopez


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Tinashe Makuti, Ph.D

Did my French A1 and A2 classes here. Amazing school, amazing teachers all round.



RajeshKumar Rajasekaran

Centre Zenith institute is good place for learning French language. Sourav and Stephanie are very helpful in all situation. Teacher Adélaïde is precise and focused. Thanks for the entire team.



Seet Ynn Tan

Great centre for learning French from dedicated teachers :) I took A1 to B1 class with Mdm Valérie. I’m glad to reach the breakthrough B1 stage with her support and guidance. Classes are available physical and online. So I was able to attend class even while I wasn’t physically in Paris.



Aurelia Jing

I highly recommend this school. The teaching quality is high, with knowledgeable and effective instructors. The learning environment is friendly, with frequent teacher-student interaction. The additional resources provided by the school are extensive and helpful for language reinforcement.



Danhan Wang

I studied A1 and half of A2 in this school (mostly on-site). 100%recommended. My teacher Anne-Laure is SUPER AGRÉABLE, always smiling, attentive, and really chilled. Moreover, she is very very professional, punctual and responsive. She makes sure every one gets attention in the class. The manager and staff Sourav and Stefanie are also very nice, they listen to you and try their best to fit your schedule while achieving the learning goal. Highly recommended. Thank you Anne-Laure, Stefanie and Sourav, for making the journey of learning French less painful ;)



Cecilia Lopez

This institute is the best option that me and my family could find. We are new comers in France and we have learnt a lot for our jobs and our life.

The director of this institute is really professional and really good person. He makes feel us comfortable and He can ensure that you will be with excellent teachers.

Fully recommended.

Cecilia, Camila and Milher

Lopez Tovar Family



Himanshu Thacker

A good institution providing French language classes at very reasonable prices. Classes are hybrid i.e. online or offline. Teachers are native speakers and courses help to prepare for DALF / DELF exams. I highly recommend the institution. 



Liana Korkotyan

Took online French courses at the Centre Zenith, great experience, good teachers and an excellent ambiance. Would highly recommend it!



Manisha Bhatia

Very satisfied with the results. One of the best schools to learn French Language with native teachers. Since pandemic, I was worried about my classes, but they started online course (P.s. You can still enroll for offline courses). To be honest , this was my first online class. I am looking forward to taking more online sessions. The experience of this class has being nothing but positive. The teachers are very supportive and helpul.



Bibin K Ponnachan

I like the way of teaching, the friendly atmosphere, and that the courses are affordable. The teachers are very kind, organised and the course is very well structured. They even have hybrid classes that allow you to choose whether you want to join via Zoom or come to class.

I would recommend Centre Zenith because the teachers and the other staff are very polite and they help a lot. You will spent a great time at Centre Zenith. Thank you.



Natasha Gupta

I love the pedagogy style at Zenith. I tried a lot of classes before I chose to go with Zenith and I can absolutely say they are worth every euro that you spend. They are also very helpful with the entire enrolment process with the possibility to pay in 4 equal instalment.



Prashant Singh

I have been at centre Zenith since March 2020 and within less than a year I can understand , read,write and speak french quite well (B1 level).

The staff are really patient with the students so you don't need to worry even if you're a slow learner .Adding cherry to the cake is that it's affordable compared to other classes in Paris and with an enhanced learning quality whether in class or in zoom as well.

Would definitely recommend anyone who's looking to learn french for working over here or any other purpose !!



Nileshkumar Modi

My daughter is learning French with Centre Zenith. I have learnt 40 hrs before her with some other agency. I can clearly see the difference. My daughter seems good in French. She is enjoying classes and very positive about learning. Her teacher is real professional and very encouraging. I recommend it highly for learning French.



Satvik Shukla

Excellent language school with reasonable rates. I did A2 and am doing B1. Satisfied and would recommend.



Manika Sharma

The quality of Language Education is excellent. One of the most affordable language schools in Paris.  Good thing is that the teachers are native French so the class is not only about the language but we also get to understand the French Culture through them.



Bhavana Pradyumna

Very professional and one of the best language schools in Paris with affordable prices. The tutors are native speakers and very friendly.



Supreet Sahani

Saurav has taken a great initiative to help English speakers learn French. Florence is a wonderful teacher and very friendly. I'd recommend this institution.



Parag Gajera

Best center to learn french, professors are really good, teaching methods are really good. fully recommended.


Devopam Dasgupta

Fantastic proposition overall. Great faculties who make genuine efforts to deliver the French language from your perspective at a super affordable price. Definitely one of the best schools in Paris. Highly recommended!


Geetha Rani

French is a very challenging language as we all know. I am taking A1 classes here and the interesting part is the games we play during class. the games help in memory, conversations and changes our approach towards French. Additionally, the classes are quite affordable compared to other institutions.




Centre Zenith's concept of delivering French course tailored for anglophones is a bit unique among most FLE institutions. The amount of improvisation in classes and the teacher's experience make the learning even more engaging and enjoyable. And all this at a very affordable cost for a French class in Paris. Strongly recommended!



Kamalesh Chowdhury

its imparting French by a team of dedicated teachers led by Mr. Saurav Choudhury a great lndian Scholar !


Bhawna Sharma

Very good school for french learning with low prices and good education