Hybrid programs

Most of the classes in Centre Zenith are used in hybrid mode. In Centre Zenith, a hybrid mode means a class where you can either join us by coming to the centre, or through zoom from your own place. The hybrid program was developed to meet the needs of our expatriate community, many of whom travel occasionally for work or for familial reasons.

Our classroom has a white board, a projector and a camera besides teacher’s computer and desks that allow students to sit face to face, in a conference like manner. Those who join online, can connect to the classroom through zoom. 

Online Programs

We also have some programs which are 100% online, where all participants meet each other online only.

Book/s used

Each program follows one main book, and some course materials are added by the teacher during the program. In some classes, an exercise book is also used. Before the beginning of each program, students are informed about book/s to purchase.

If you are paying through CPF, or OPCO, the price of your book/s is included in the total price of your program, and your book/s are sent to your address directly. 

Class based WhatsApp group

A few hours before the beginning of a new program, we create a WhatsApp group, where all students of the program are added, along with the teacher. All communications about the program happens through this group, or by email.

Our teachers are the point of contact for all issues related to pedagogy. For all administrative enquiries, you can contact the administration directly through WhatsApp, or email.

Zoom link for classes

Zoom links for the classes are shared by the teacher just before the beginning of a program. The link remains same throughout the program generally. However, in case of any change, teacher informs the students through the WhatsApp group.

Occasional absences

In case a student cannot come to come class one day, he/she may ask the teacher to record that day’s class. Recordings are done for students who are otherwise regular and have joined the program already and have introduced himself/herself to the class.

Dropping out of a program

In case your life changes and you cannot continue with the same program and schedule, you can join us later in a future program. Your balance will not expire and will stay with us even if you come back three years later.

You can follow our Facebook page Learn French at Centre Zenith to stay updated about our new programs, or visit our website to check for upcoming dates once you are ready again.

Assurance of success

As of now, all of our students who went for a DELF examination following our program, succeeded.

As an institution, we believe in the CECR method that we use, we believe in our teachers, we believe in our teaching  methods, and we believe in our team work. Hence, we can assure this to our students who are regular in the classes, that your success is our responsibility.

Do not worry about whether you will clear the different barriers of the French language, as long as you are regular and attentive in our program.