If you are an expat working in La Défense, or living nearby this, and looking for a French language program which is not far from la Défense, Centre Zenith proposes evening programs suitable for the English speaking expatraite community.

Our classes are in the evening, evenly spaced (3 days a week), and we do 6 to 7 hours a week. This gives you enough time to continue your other activities besides learning French with us.

Location of our language center in Paris La Défense

The center is located in the neighborhood of La Défense business centre. It is very easily accessible by public transport.

How to get to Centre Zenith near to La Défense

Take tramway T2 from la defense, direction Pont de Bezons. It will take you about 13 minutes to reach Pont de Bezons from La Defense by T2. From there the centre is about 1 minute of walk.

Access for disabled people

Yes. For more information, please visit this page - Adapting For The Disabled People

Nearby cities

If you are staying in one of these cities around la Defense, our centre can also be very close to you.

  • Courbevoie
  • Puteaux
  • Suresnes
  • Colombes
  • Houilles
  • Maisons-Laffitte
  • La Garenne-Colombes
  • Argenteuil
  • Sartrouville
  • Nanterre