French language programs for beginners

French language programs for beginners


Instructor Anne-Laure

Course Duration90 Hours

French language program for beginners. If you are new to French language and want to start your journey discovering this beautiful language, you can start by enrolling to this program.

The A1 program is your first step in your journey to learn and be excellent in French in a not so distant future. In 90 hours, after about 3 and a half months, you will be ready for the next level - A2.

If you are paying by yourself, you can either pay 720 euros at one go, or 4 installment of 187.50 euros. There is an additional fees when you by by installments and which is included when you pay 4 installments of 187.50.

If you are paying through your OPCO, you can ask us for a quote, since you will need to submit this to your HR. If you pay be CPF, you can click on the link on the right hand column. The fees for this program through OPCO, CPF or if your company is paying directly to us, would be 1080 euros if you do not sit in the DELF exam, and 1200 euros if you want to sit in the DELF exam.


*An instructor is subject to change without prior notice to students, before or during a program.

Anne-LaureFrench Teacher

Anne-Laure has been teaching French for about 10 years, and has travelled across the world in the last decade. She has taught for several years in the Alliance Française of Australia. She has also taught French in Egypt and Bulgaria. 

*This price is for students who are paying by themselves and at one shot. If you pay by installment there will be an additional minimal handling charge. If you pay through your office, OPCO or CPF, the price will be different, for that, please contact us.

Course Features

Starts on Nov 2, 2022
Duration 90 Hours
Class size (max) 12
Program Hybrid
Assessments Yes
Certificate Yes
DELF/DALF Optional

Course Timings

Monday 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Wednesday 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Friday 07:00pm - 09:00pm

Bank A/C Details

Account name Centre Zenith
IBAN FR76 1751 5900 0008 0119 4183 742
BIC FR76 1751 5900 0008 0119 4183 742