French language teacher Céline

Course Duration90 Hours

Course Overview

Certificat initial de connaissance de la langue française - niveau 2 (A2)

As we finish an A1 program with Céline, we continue the flow with an A2 level with the same teacher. Enrollment for this has started. Register now.

For people who will be paying individually, can choose to pay by installment, by adding a file processing fees.

Installment plans for students paying by themselves :
During admission : 30 euros (non refundable file processing fee).
Before the program begins: 168.75 euros.
5th of August : 168.75 euros
5th of Septembre : 168.75 euros
5th of Octobre : 168.75 euros

There is no file processing fee for individuals who are paying at one go.

The price mentioned is for individuals. For companies, the price is different, please contact to get a quote.


You can understand English language. You have the A1 level of French language.

You are also comfortable using computers and either know, or can adapt to zoom rapidly, in case you are joining online. In this case, you should have access to an internet connexion which allows you have a two hours long discussion conventiently.


There will be an assessment of your current level of French, by one of our teachers, to ascertain that you can fit into this program.

Based on your performance during the test, we will suggest you a program that will best suit your situation.


As per the guidelines of CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) after completing the A2 level, learners can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance, as well as communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.  They can describe in simple terms aspects of their background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need. They can

fully introduce themselves and others giving details about their current situation as well as their likes and dislikes and leisure activities;

express themselves using the immediate past, the present continuous and the near future;

ask questions in three different ways according to the level of formality and the context;

talk about different relationships (friends, neighbors, colleagues, family);

talk about the future and make previsions using the future tense (futur simple);

describe family trees, including extended and blended family;

describe people, places and habits in the past using “imparfait”;

tell stories in the past using a blend of past tenses;

describe extensively a town or city and the changes that have occurred;

talk about their feelings and impressions;

talk about their daily life and make comparisons;

give their preferences;

describe a country and talk about cultural differences using anecdotes;

make a polite request using the conditional mood;

communicate on the phone, including leaving and understanding messages;

give advice and make suggestions using the conditional mood;

express obligation, wishes and hopes using a variety of structures;

talk about house chores;

talk about different work environments and their pros and cons;

make hypotheses using “si” clauses;

write and understand biographies;

talk about exceptional experiences;

express dissatisfaction;

give explanations using various expressions for cause and consequence;

explain why something is important to them and why they decided to commit to a cause;

talk about the environment, pollution and climate change;

give and ask details about different objects and items of clothing;

talk about shopping habits and express quantities;

use a variety of pronouns to avoid repetition and build more complex sentences;

talk about the media and different sources of information;

interact to offer solutions to a problem;

discuss cultural habits and present a cultural event;

give their opinion and explain it;

express contradiction;

describe and give their opinion on a trip;

plan for a trip and describe it;

use reported speech;

talk about a book they have read.

At a cultural level, they learn about various French and francophone artists, celebrities, and sportspeople and discover different French popular media, museums and pieces of art. They also learn about current social trends and changes such as the rise of vegetarian and vegan habits or entrepreneurship in France and coworking spaces.


At the end of our program, you will attend a test at our centre, to ascertain that you have reached the desired level for which you opten fo this program. Our test is based on the DELF model.

Successfull candidates are given a certificate from our centre.

For students who are unable to sit on this exam, can attend the same later depending on his / her availabilities, and our scheduled dates for examiniations of the same level.

DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française)

Our students wanting to appear DELF examinations following our program are requested to inform us when joining the program. We can book your place in one of our partner universities who organises the DELF examinations.

It is important to book your places well in advance because the places are limited.

As of now, we have a 100% success rate in DELF examiniations. All our students who have gone for the DELF examination, have cleared it.

French language teacher : Céline

Celine is one of our highly experienced teachers, comes to Centre Zenith with over 10 years of teaching experiences in Alliance Française, Sorbonne, Campus Langues, etc.


Our programs are not published publicly. However, they can be provided to our learners if asked.

Information for disabled people

We are at the 4th floor of a building, which is accessible by wheelchair easily. The lift is spacious and there are no staircases one needs to climb while reaching our centre.

If you have any other concern that you want to share, like you hear or see differently than most others and need special adaptation, please send a whatsapp message to Sourav, disability service officer of Centre Zenith, to 07 78 64 53 16. 

You can also email us to formation@centrezenith.com or send a direct message using www.facebook.com/centrezenith, our Facebook page.

Course features

Course fees ** 675€

** This price is for students who are paying by themselves and at one shot. If you pay by installment there will be an additional minimal handling charge. If you pay through your office, OPCO or CPF, the price will be different, for that, please contact us.

Starts on Jun 15, 2021
Duration 90 Hours
Class size (max) 10
Program Online
Assessments Yes
Certificate Yes
DELF/DALF Optional

Course timings

Tuesday 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Thursday 07:00pm - 09:00pm

Bank A/C details

Account name Centre Zenith
IBAN FR76 1751 5900 0008 0119 4183 742

Your French teacher Céline

French language teacher

*A French teacher attributed to a progam is subject to change without prior notice to students, before or during a program.

Exam Statistics

Exam type DLCF* DELF**
Exam level: A2
Avg Marks: 73.25 N/A
Pass rate: 90.625% 100%
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Exam level: Overall (A1, A2, B1)
Avg Marks: 76.48 N/A
Pass rate: 97% 100%
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  • * DLCF is an internal exam conducted by Centre Zenith by the end of each program
  • ** DELF is a an exam conducted by the French ministry of education

Student satisfaction

of our students who participated in our survey are statisfied and will recommend our program to friends

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Other statistics

307 - total number of students who have done a French language course with us

49 - total number of programs started

7.94 - average number of students per class

Student Count = 389 Class Count = 49

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Video Testimonials

Aditi Shet Shirodkar



Centre Zenith's concept of delivering French course tailored for anglophones is a bit unique among most FLE institutions. The amount of improvisation in classes and the teacher's experience make the learning even more engaging and enjoyable. And all this at a very affordable cost for a French class in Paris. Strongly recommended!