A1 - Diplôme de langue et de culture françaises

A1 - Diplôme de langue et de culture françaises


French language teacher Adélaïde

Course Duration90 Hours

Course Overview

Learn French during the weekend. This program suits those who are busy during the weekdays and are available only on weekends.

The A1 level is the first step towards being independent in French langauge in France.

For people who will be paying individually, can choose to pay by installment, through our bank Oney. Oney will give you an option to pay by 3 or 4 installments and will charge a small fees for handling that.

The price mentioned is for individuals. For companies and for people who are financing their classes through OPCOs and CPFs, the price is different, please contact to get a quote.


You need to know how to use the latin alphabets, and you understand English.


For absolute beginners, no pre-assessment of level is done.


Listening: To be able to recognize familiar words and very basic phrases concerning myself, their family and immediate concrete surroundings when people speak slowly and clearly.

Reading: To be able to understand familiar names, words and very simple sentences, for example on notices and posters or in catalogues.

Spoken interaction: To be able to interact in a simple way provided the other person is prepared to repeat or rephrase things at a slower rate of speech and help them formulate what they are trying to say. To be able to ask and answer simple questions in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics. 

Spoken production: To be able to use simple phrases and sentences to describe where you live and people you know.

Writing: To be able to write a short, simple postcard, for example sending holiday greetings. To be able to fill in forms with personal details, for example entering your name, nationality and address on a hotel registration form.


As per the guidelines of CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), after completing the A1 level, learners can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. They can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help. They can :

introduce themselves and others (name, age, nationality, country of origin, profession, contact details, languages spoken, where they live) and can ask and answer questions about personal details, people they know and things they have;

make a reservation;

express possession;

introduce and describe their family;

describe themselves and others physically and psychologically;

talk about their likes and dislikes and ask others about theirs;

describe and take information about a place;

ask for and give directions;

invite people;

accept and refuse invitations;

tell and understand the time;

make appointments;

talk about daily activities and their routine;

talk about sports they play and their leisure activities;

go shopping;

describe items of clothing and accessories;

do grocery shopping and talk about food;

go to the doctor’s;

express themselves in present tense, common past tense (passé composé), and near future tense;

talk about their academic and professional background;

go to a real estate agent to find accommodation;

talk about the weather;

have a basic conversation on the phone.

At a cultural level, they can differentiate between formal and informal situations and interact accordingly. They know about some French landmarks, understand the concept of “francophonie” and know some facts about some francophone countries. They are also aware of the different government services at a local and national level.


At the end of our program, you will attend a test at our centre, to ascertain that you have reached the desired level for which you opten fo this program. Our tests are based on the DCL and DELF models.

Successfull candidates are given a certificate from our centre.

For students who are unable to sit on this exam, can attend the same later depending on his / her availabilities, and our scheduled dates for examiniations of the same level.

DCL (Diplôme de compétence en langue)

The DCL is a diploma by France's ministry of education.

DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française)

The DELF is a diploma by France Education International, for France's ministry of education.

Our students wanting to appear DCL or  DELF examinations following our program are requested to inform us when joining the program. We can book your place in one of our partner universities who organises the DCL or DELF examinations.

It is important to book your places well in advance for any of the exams (DCL and DELF) as the places are limited.

Both DCL and DELF have life time validities and can be used for all official purposes, like for applying for the 10 years resident card or for applying for the French nationality.

For students who are paying through CPF or paid by the Pole Emploi through us, appearing in the DCL examination after your program is mandatory.

French language teacher : Adélaïde

Adélaïde was teaching French at the Alliance française in Paris when she joined Centre Zenith. Prior to that, she was doing her doctoral research in the applied aspects of French language teaching to the people of Easter Europe.

Information for disabled people

We are at the 4th floor of a building, which is accessible by wheelchair easily. The lift is spacious and there are no staircases one needs to climb while reaching our centre.

If you have any other concern that you want to share, like you hear or see differently than most others and need special adaptation, please send a whatsapp message to Sourav, point of contact for disabled people in Centre Zenith, to 07 78 64 53 16. 

You can also email us to formation@centrezenith.com or send a direct message using www.facebook.com/centrezenith, our Facebook page.

*This price below is an indication of what the weekly price will be. Fees are charged for a whole level.

*32€ / week

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Course features

Starts on Feb 4, 2023
Duration 90 Hours
Class size (max) 12
Program Hybrid
Assessments Yes
Certificate Yes
DELF/DALF Optional

Course timings

Saturday 02:00pm - 06:00pm


This program can be financed by the following means:

Bank A/C details

Account name Centre Zenith
IBAN FR76 1751 5900 0008 0119 4183 742

Your French teacher Adélaïde

French language teacher

*A French teacher attributed to a progam is subject to change without prior notice to students, before or during a program.

Exam Statistics

Exam type DLCF* DELF**
Exam level: A1
Avg Marks: 75.58 N/A
Pass rate: 100% N/A
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Exam level: Overall (A1, A2, B1, B2)
Avg Marks: 71.54 N/A
Pass rate: 98% 100%
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  • * DLCF is an internal exam conducted by Centre Zenith by the end of each program
  • ** DELF is a an exam conducted by the French ministry of education

Student satisfaction

of our students who participated in our survey are statisfied and will recommend our program to friends

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Other statistics

342 - total number of students who have done a French language course with us

52 - total number of programs started

8.33 - average number of students per class

Student Count = 433 Class Count = 52

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Video Testimonials

Paridhi Dixit



I have been at centre Zenith since March 2020 and within less than a year I can understand , read,write and speak french quite well (B1 level).

The staff are really patient with the students so you don't need to worry even if you're a slow learner .Adding cherry to the cake is that it's affordable compared to other classes in Paris and with an enhanced learning quality whether in class or in zoom as well.

Would definitely recommend anyone who's looking to learn french for working over here or any other purpose !!

Prashant Singh