the joy of learning french with centre zenith ot9k5

The joy of learning French with Centre Zenith


The French language, with its rich history and cultural influence, has been a source of fascin...

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activate and pay by cpf credits to learn french k6g9i

Activate and pay by CPF credits to learn French

A new French government rule stipulate that one needs to have an identité numerique or a digital I...

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learn french with a small budget in paris

Learn French with a small budget in Paris

If you're on a tight budget and looking for high-quality French language courses that allow you to learn a...

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french language school near paris la defense la defense

French language school - Paris La Défense

If you are an expat working in La Défense, or living nearby this, and looking for a French language pro...

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methods used

French language learning - practices & methods

Hybrid programs

Most of the classes in Centre Zenith are used in hybrid mode. In Centre Zenith, a hybrid mo...

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adapting for the disabled people

Adapting for the disabled people

In Centre Zenith, we understand that disabled people need special care and adaptation, and do our best to adap...

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fle teacher join us

FLE teacher ? Join our great team

Centre Zenith is a French language institute located in Bezons, a suburban town about 10/15 minutes from La De...

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delf dalftefaq


This is one of the questions that comes back very frequently, and new comers do not know always how to compare...

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french language learning institute for expats

French language classes for expats

What's the story of Centre Zenith ?

Centre Zenith is a French language learning institute offering qual...

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cours de francais pour expatries anglophones qbgeu

Cours de français pour expatriés anglophones

Le Centre Zenith est spécialisé dans l’enseignement de cours de français pour expatriés anglophones. Découvrez...

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alternance assistante de direction et communication

Alternance - Assistant(e) de direction

Assistant(e) de direction et communication


Centre Zenith is a French language institute located i...

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learning french online

Learning French online - things to take care of

As Corona has pushed us to online classes, we have discovered aspects of this, which deserves to be shared....

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french language teachers yhuqx

French language teachers - native speakers

Teachers are the heart of any educational institution. For this reason we invest a lot of energy and give a lo...

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