Learning French for beginners - DELF A1

A beginner can embark on their French learning journey at a reputable school like Centre Zenith. It is crucial to prioritize finding a school that offers flexibility to accommodate your personal circumstances while providing classes taught by qualified and experienced teachers. Learning from native teachers is especially beneficial as they possess a deeper understanding of socio-cultural aspects that they have absorbed since birth.

Acquiring the correct accent is another significant advantage of learning from a native teacher. The Parisian accent is considered the standard French accent and is widely practiced by the native French population across France. This trend originated in 1530 when King Francis I of France declared and actively promoted the French language as the national language throughout the country.

When considering the fee structure of a school, it is recommended to examine the hourly rate. For instance, a program priced at 300 euros for 25 hours is more expensive than a program priced at 900 euros for 90 hours. It is important to understand that A1, A2, or B1 levels are not strict milestones for progression. Instead, the focus should be on acquiring comprehensive knowledge at each level. Therefore, individuals who have completed their A1 level may have varying readiness to join an A2 program, and some may even need to repeat their A1 program before advancing, especially if the quality of the A1 program attended was questionable.

To gain insights into the average number of hours required for learning French, you can refer to our article on "How Long Does It Take to Learn French?"

Furthermore, the number of students in a program can significantly impact the learning experience. Smaller class sizes, such as those with 10 students, tend to be more effective as the teacher can provide better individual attention. As a result, personalized attention increases with smaller class sizes.

When deciding between a one-on-one program or a group program for learning French, it's important to consider your personal preferences and learning style. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have an article titled "One-on-One vs Group Programs" This article provides detailed information and insights to help you determine the approach that best suits your needs.

At Centre Zenith, we offer both one-on-one programs and group programs for learning French. Our group programs are designed to ensure a quality learning experience, with a maximum limit of 12 students per group.

The A1 level you will learn at the school of your choice will provide you with a solid foundation to delve deeper into the French language and culture as you progress through higher levels such as A2 and B1. For serious learners, B1 should be the minimum level to aim for, as it signifies mastery of French grammar. It is also the level required for French nationality for those planning to reside in France for an extended period and seeking French citizenship.

Lastly, another important consideration is how you will schedule your French learning sessions. You may need to decide whether you prefer to learn French outside of office hours while balancing your work or school commitments, or if you would like to dedicate a specific period of time to an intensive program where you can focus solely on learning French.

At Centre Zenith, we offer classes during off-hours, including evenings and Saturdays, to accommodate those who have other obligations during the day. We also provide intensive programs for individuals who are looking to immerse themselves in learning French and are willing to dedicate a few months of their life to it. Our intensive programs consist of 15 hours of classes per week, and with consistent effort, you can expect to reach a good level of French (B2+) within a year.

Congratulations on taking the decision to start learning French. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or WhatsApp (07 78 64 53 16).