Personalized French Language Classes

Personalized French classes to individuals provide a flexible and tailored approach to learning the language, catering to each student's unique pace and needs. Funding options through Pole Emploi, CPF, OPCO, or employers make it accessible to a wider audience.

These classes are particularly valuable for individuals looking to refresh and enhance their French language skills, especially in preparation for specific exams like A2 or B1. They also cater to those who may have some prior experience with French but need personalized guidance before exams or individuals who have developed uneven proficiency in oral and written skills.

Centre Zenith's team of native and qualified teachers with extensive experience ensures high-quality instruction across various proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced.

The clear pricing structure of 60 euros per hour, along with an additional 100 euros for exams when using CPF, makes it transparent for prospective students. The diploma issued by the French Ministry of Education adds credibility and recognition to the program.

Overall, Centre Zenith seems well-equipped to meet the diverse language learning needs of individuals in a personalized and effective manner.


At Centre Zenith, the focus is on creating a personalized learning experience for each student. The teachers work closely with the students to understand their learning goals and tailor the classes to meet those goals. This approach helps students to learn French faster and more efficiently.

Whether you're learning French for personal or professional reasons, Centre Zenith's personalized classes are a great way to achieve your goals. Contact Centre Zenith today to book your first class and start your French language journey!

You can join us by email - or by whatsapp - 07 78 64 53 16.


PS : One-on-one classes are also a great idea for reaching a specific level more quickly or at a more customized pace, especially if you find yourself at a skill level that falls between two levels, or if your oral and written competencies have developed differently.